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osBrain is a general purpose multiagent architecture developed in Python, whose operation is based on different nodes, called Brains, that work together forming a network to solve a problem. This achieves a fully scalable and distributed architecture capable of maximizing the available hardware resources. osBrain is an architecture that implements the concepts of SMA from the new Big Data optics.

osBrain is a technological architecture that allows solving complex problems through an agent-based approach

OsBrain has the following features:

Scalability and is multiplatform

It is oriented to scalability and is multiplatform, so it has a scalable and distributed character


It is written in Python although it supports the development of brains in any language

Brains communication

It implements a standardized brains communication model, which allows to isolate these knowledge nodes called brains.


Provides capabilities to reinstate

Various brains

Includes various brains already available for basic work tasks

Machine learning

It uses a machine learning approach, agents can be configured to learn from their own decisions in order to improve their behavior in the future.

What can you use osBrain for?

osBrain has been successfully used to develop a real-time automated-trading platform in OpenSistemas, but being a general-purpose multi-agent system, it is not limited to this application. Other applications include:

  • Classification and search in real time of information
  • Construction of Recommendation Systems
  • Implementation of Simulations: scenarios, environmental models,
  • Processes of analysis in Streaming Big Data
  • Process control, Modeling of complex systems
  • Prediction of complex phenomena based on the interaction of autonomous individuals within an environment.
  • Monitoring and surveillance of systems
  • Traffic management

More information

OsBrain is included in the osMarkets stack, it is a product developed by OpenSistemas and released under Apache license with a generalist approach applicable to a multitude of environments.  More information visit the website here